Most of us don’t just wake up one day feeling fearless.

Courage unfolds choice by choice.

It is a becoming.

We aren’t born with wisdom.

Discernment and insight unfold choice by choice.

It is a becoming.

Strength, joy, peace, compassion, and love all unfold choice by choice. And you have the power to choose who you want to become.

I’m here to support your journey.

My name is Angie, and I started this blog after more than a decade of teaching college courses in psychology and human relations. I want to give you access to all the exciting insights research has to offer. I also want to help you hear the insights that are rising from your own heart. Becoming is a process of turning inward and outward. Of learning new skills and applying them to life, and of taking time to listen to the wisdom bubbling up from within.

This is a space for both science and soul.

You’ll find posts about exciting research that can help you understand and work with your brain and body successfully, like these

How to Turn Stress into Fuel for Growth, Productivity, and Happiness

5 Encouraging Realizations that Will Help You Meet Your Goals

Some things are best understood by sharing our lived experiences, so you’ll also find lots of practical wisdom. I offer stories that will help remind you of who you really are, and inspire you to take the next step to where you’re going.

I give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on what I learned from losing my husband to cancer, raising a large family, and mentoring many students through poverty, abuse, and addiction in posts like these:

How to Find Peace Beyond Pain

Why You Should Forgive Yourself if You Want to Make Up For Your Past Mistakes

I specialize in helping you transform challenges and emotional pain into meaning, growth, and joy—one step at a time.

Please remember that even on the days when you feel overwhelmed, inadequate, or stuck, you are enough.

This journey of becoming isn’t just a process of moving forward. It’s also an unfolding of everything that is already inside you.

You can accomplish your goals.

You can strengthen your relationships.

You can live with purpose and joy.

And I’m here to help you. Type your email address below. A couple of times a month I’ll send a dose of encouragement, inspiration, and practical advice straight to your inbox. Let’s do it together.

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